Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekly Meal and Exercise Plan...the Crock Pot Edition!

I think my menu and exercise planning last week did help with keeping me on target (or at least close), though I didn't stick with it as well as I had hoped. So I think I'll try it again... This week: using the crock pot!

Weekday Breakfasts: cereal, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit (cherries, white nectarines, yellow peaches, blueberries, apples) and whole wheat raisin bread from the Farmer's Market. If I'm feeling adventurous, we might make the bread into french toast one day, or maybe make blueberry pancakes.

Weekday Lunches: leftovers, fresh fruit

  • Dinner: leftovers
  • Exercise/outdoor time: Walking with the baby in the stroller- maybe we should head to the beach and walk along the jetty? Some sit-ups and push-ups at home. Better than nothing, right?

  • Dinner: leftovers
  • Exercise/outdoor time: Walking with the baby in the stroller More gardening. The front yard is looking much nicer. :)
  • Dinner: Pork Chops and Red Potatoes made in the crock pot I never made it to the grocery store to pick up Lipton soup mix for the pork chops, so instead I made a recipe that I was planning for next week: Chicken Tacos made in the crock pot, refried black beans, Spanish rice with black olives. Turned out to be really delicious.
  • Exercise/outdoor time: Kickboxing or Muscle Strength class, depending on what time I make it to the gym None, really, I was trying to get the house cleaned. :(
  • Lunch: Tito's Tacos! Leftover taco/burritos
  • Dinner: probably leftovers, depending on what's left Pork Chops and Red Potatoes made in the crock pot, with a green salad
  • Exercise/outdoor time: Yoga class
  • Exercise/outdoor time: Yoga class if I miss it on Saturday. Zoo tour? We should be getting the most out of our membership before it gets ridiculously hot this summer. Pilates class.

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